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Russia and Asia

Nomadic and Oriental Traditions in Russian History

Traditionally the history of Russia has been interpreted from the European standpoint, and has more often than not been based on European sources and methods. However, Edgar Knobloch takes a completely new and unconventional scholarly approach to the History of Russia. Using economic and legal analyses, archeology and the history of art, as well as analogies with other countries and cultures, he charts the influence and traditions of the Eastern civilisations in Russian history - an element of exceptional importance which, until now, has been largely neglected by historians. This new treatment, which takes into full account the effect of Persian, Turkish, Byzantine and nomadic influences - rather than just the European - enables the author to elucidate and explain many controversial events and to draft a continuous line of development from the earliest past right down to our own times.


“...the most eloquent statement yet of the case for classifying Russian history apart from that of the rest of Europe. Russia's self-distancing from the EU will ensure that Dr Knobloch attracts attention, even where he does not command assent...” - Professor Felipe Fernandez-Armesto, Tufts University

“...[Knobloch] shows a great civic courage in stressing the Asian element in Russia's culture... many Western specialists will regard it as an expression of 'racism'... [He is] undoubtedly right to stress the Oriental element in Russia. While Russian 'high culture' of the past three centuries is certainly Western, her low culture and her politics are suffused with Oriental elements. ...” - Professor Richard Pipes, Harvard University

“...An extremely stimulating work...draws attention to a number of facts and events which, until now, remained more or less unnoticed in scholarly literature. The author introduces new viewpoints into traditional historiography...which should contribute to a deeper understandingof relations among substantial features of Russian history...” - Professor K.V. Maly, Charles University, Prague

“...Edgar Knobloch introduces the reader to a dimension of Russian history that is both fascinating and relatively unknown - how the Central Asian side of Russia, with its steppe frontier, has had such a profound influence on Russian civilization in general. ...” - Professor Norman Stone


+ New approach to the study of Russian history

+ Illuminating treatment of contemporary trends in Russian politics, society and finance

+ In the run-up to the Russian elections, a relevant and thought-provoking analysis about the possible future position of Russia in the modern world

+ Full in-depth analysis of Russian and nomadic religious, political, and cultural traditions

+ Fresh examination of perceived notions of early Russian history

+ Detailed maps, diagrams and illustrations

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Russia and Asia - Nomadic and Oriental Traditions in Russian History


Edgar Knobloch - Author


Publication Date : September 2007
Category : HISTORY/Travel
Paperback ISBN 10 : 9622177859
Paperback ISBN 13 : 978-962-217-785-7
Edition : First Edition
Paperback Price : US$ 29.95, GB£ 17.95
Format : 8.25in x 6 in
Pages : 500
Photos : 30
Maps : 17

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