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Mekong River Map - Laos

From Source to Sea

Laos has been discovered. For centuries this land-locked country in southeast Asia was a sleepy, almost forgotten little principality, sometimes wielding great power but mostly fighting for survival against predatory neighbors. It survived the American Indochina War and emerged as a progressive socialist country. This remote, mountainous country, protected from the ravages of tourism and rapid development, remains pristine and exotic. Laos is still green; its rivers mostly run free. But if you want to see the old Laos you have to move fast. Lovely Laos is located at the heart of romantic Indo-Chine. A precious pearl of a country blessed with natural beauty, exotic flora and rare fauna, Laos also hosts the mighty Mekong river for the larger part of its almost 5,000 kilometre journey from the Tibetan Plateau to the distant sea. Whether you chose to travel Laos by land or by water or both, this illustrated map will enhance your journey both as a pre-trip planner and as a post-trip souvenir, and ensure that you see Laos' lesser known attractions whilst pointing you towards the highlights that include the capital Vientiane, the Khone Phapheng Falls, the World Heritage site at Vat Phou, and the fragile gem of the ancient royal capital, Luang Prabang.


+ Cruise the life-giving waterway of the famed Mekong as it passes downstream from the Himalayas to the South China sea.

+ Get to know the Lao - easy-going, party-loving, and affable Theravada Buddhists who live mainly in the river valleys, especially along the Mekong, which is the main artery of the country.

+ Luang Prabang, an exquisite little town on the banks of the Mekong, is home to some of the finest Buddhist temples anywhere. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the main mecca for tourists wanting to experience Laos.

+ Make an easy day trip to the Pak Ou Caves at the confluence of the Ou river about fifteen miles upstream from Luang Prabang. Take the long-tail boat through pastoral countryside and jungle-covered mountains. The two caves, etched over millennia out of a limestone karst cliff on the riverside, are filled with hundreds of images of the Buddha donated by generations of believers. Many of these are wooden images of the Buddha in a standing position in the style of northern Lao religious art.

+ Remininsce in Vientiane, the capital, with its enduring appearance of a French provincial town complete with tree-lined streets, fading colonial buildings, and sidewalk cafes.

+ Study the longstanding, rich tradition of silk weaving, and textiles.

+ Take a jaunt to the Khmer temple, Vat Phou, in southern Laos (declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2001).

+ Travel the Bolaven Plateau, a fertile upland area known for its cool climate, dramatic waterfalls, and some of the best coffee in the world. This region is a gateway to the higher mountains to the east and many hill tribes.

+ Explore the Khone Pha Pheng Falls where the usually languid Mekong boils and tumbles through eight miles of wild cataracts.

+ View remarkable sites with thousands of jars that dot a plateau. This area, known as the Plain of Jars in Xieng Khouang province was heavily fought over and bombed during the Lao civil war to the extent that the old provincial capital of Xieng Khouang, once the capital of a minor Lao kingdom, was abandoned. A new capital, Phonsavan, has grown up, with a population of sixty thousand. Site One is easily accessible only four miles from Phonsavan airport. It contains more than three hundred jars including the largest of all, weighing fourteen tons and standing ten feet tall.

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Laos map


Louise Taylor - Cartographer


Publication Date : June 2011
Paperback ISBN 10 : 9622178278
Paperback ISBN 13 : 978-962-217-827-4
Edition : First Edition
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